Planet Hillary, A Political Black Hole


The picture painted by these stories is of a presumptuous would-be president waiting to be ushered into the Oval Office as she rests on her laurels of yesteryear. More than a few of the scores of players in Hillary’s constellation are trading on their connection to her. Although the first primary or caucus votes are […]

Entrepreneur & Political Activist/author Keith Shirey Hires Mayo Communications For National Publicity


27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MAYO Communications, an international award-winning full service public relations and marketing agency based in Los Angeles, has added Keith Shirey to its agency roster this year for national publicity. MAYO worked with Shirey a decade ago on several controversial and high profile campaigns with victorious results thanks to media exposure. MAYO […]

Is Cable News To Blame For Partisan Politics?


Markus Prior of Princeton University has dug into data, much of it unpublished, from ratings companies who remotely track viewing habits in sample households. His conclusion is that Americans fib about what they watch, and that large majorities simply shun cable news. Perhaps 10-15% of the voting-age population watch more than 10 minutes of cable […]

Obama Brings Back A White House Political Office


The new office will be slimmed down from the 15-member operation that existed before 2011, with about a third of the staff. Its creation comes after Obama overhauled his legislative affairs office in recent weeks to improve relations with lawmakers. Democrats were concerned that last year’s bruising partisan battles over health care and the budget […]

Need To Transition From Informal To Formal Politics


With no seat on the political table, others get to define the political trajectory, while the actual catalysts of change are sidelined. We always knew that the establishment of a democratic state would take time and encounter setbacks and obstacles. Egypt never had a democratic culture, but this is slowly changing. Of course, in comparison […]

Beyond Mcdonnell: 4 Other Political Spouse Scandals


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